Spell to Write and Read

SWR is an all in one spelling, reading, and grammar program.

It is comprehensive, laid out for you step by step.

It includes phonics, spelling rules, grammar and vocabulary activities, the history of words, the important hows and whys, everything is explained (well 99% of the time) and there is no guess work!

It requires a little bit of reading at the beginning (good revision for us mums) but once you've started and after a few lessons it will become easier and quicker to conduct the lessons.

You also have the flexibility to tailor it to your child's needs and pace.

At first it requires lots of teacher input but as the child gets older and more capable there are activities that children can do on their own or with very little input. I feel like that's the natural progression when you're teaching children and laying down strong foundations.

What I also love about this program, is that you only need to buy its resources once and you can use them throughout primary school and for multiple children making it a very affordable classical English program.

As a result of using this program I believe my children became confident and capable readers by applying their strong phonological knowledge to reading. In turn, they are good spellers and we can concentrate on harnessing their writing skills rather than spending alot of time on just spelling.

Check out https://swrtraining.com/shop/ for resources (you will need to contact them for shipping charges).