Resetting and starting your homeschool year

Resetting and starting your homeschool year

by Devina

Resetting and starting your homeschool year

Returning back from holidays, visiting family and doing absolutely no formal homeschool work would put anyone in a funk when the new school year starts up again.

Here are some ways that have helped me overcome the funk and have helped me get back on track with homeschooling.

1. Make dua to Allah and ask for strength, patience and courage. Bismillah you can do this 💪🏾.

2. Listening to motivating lectures, and talks about education and the schooling system. Reading a book by John Taylor Gatto always helps, I’m currently re-reading ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ I highly recommend it!!

3. Going through homeschool resources, doing a clean out and organising makes me feel like I am more prepared and ready to tackle homeschooling again. I go through books, workbooks and toys/games moving things around to give a fresh feel and hopefully bring in some motivation.

4. Organise or join a co-op with another Mum, and feel the inspiration flow in.

5. If you’re like me you need a friend to send you a quick msg and a daily photo of their kiddies being totally engrossed in their work to really feel that kick

6. Start off with a few subjects, Maths and English to ease yourself and kiddies into the full weeks ahead.

7. If the kids are still in the funk, let them choose a topic of interest and turn it into a unit study and then ease both yourselves into the full weeks ahead 😉.

I hope these ideas help!

(Also may help with those who have had a new bub or have moved house☺).

Let me know below how you get motivated to start your homeschool year.

Admin Devina