My Ramadan Experience

My Ramadan Experience

by Ibrahim C

Asalam Waalykum my name is Ibrahim this Ramadan I fasted 27 days.

When I was 5, I tried fasting, but I only fasted half a day but when I was 7, I fasted a whole day but now I am 8 years old.

My favourite food to eat at suhoor was the sandwich which I made up by myself, it was melted cheese, tomato, cucumber between to toasted pieces of bread, then I put a toothpick on top of the sandwich with 2 olives in it. My favourite iftar was lasagne.

This Ramadan I learnt the dua you say before iftar off by heart which is, Allahumma laka sumtu, wa bika amantu, wa alayka aftaartu, thahaba thuma wa palatal urooq, wa thabatul ajru Inshaa Allah. I also went to tarawih with my dad.

I was so happy that I fasted, it was hard for me, but I did it, but I could not wait for Eid! Now we all need to wait for the next Ramadan and Eid Inshaa Allah.

Asalam Waalykum.