Why I like being homeschooled

Why I like being homeschooled

by Aasiyah

Asalamoalikum my name is Aasiyah and I am 9 years’ old. Today I am going to talk about why I like being home schooled.

I like being home schooled because when we are home schooled it’s much better than being at school because if suppose we are at schoolthen we would learn bad habits. We would bully each other; speak rudely & we wouldn’t play with new students or someone else at school that is timid and cannot stand up for himself/ herself.

That way no one would like us and we would learn bad habits. If we are home schooled then we learn good manners, we would not bully each other, we would speak kindly & we learn to respect each other no matter which country, race or colour they are. Instead we learn good things at home because there are not many people to teach you bad manners or habits. In school you will learn bad manners and habits from everyone. School is much different than home schooling, because at school there are 30- 35 students in class and 1 teacher so the teacher does not get anytime for students as she has to see every student and she can’t sit with only 1 or 2 students.

But at home you can get as much time you need. When you are at school then you have to follow the specific rules and when you are doing a project a class finishes in 30 minutes whereas if you are home schooled you can continue at a project for more hours, and you can learn more information and it gets more interesting.

When you are homeschooled you get to learn more about your own religion from your parents, grandparents, elder brothers or sisters and many other people in your family. But at school it’s much different, rather opposite.

At school you don’t get to learn about your religion, you just get carried away by different thoughts and religions. Everybody has different thoughts but everybody has the same living things that make them human beings, so we should be thoughtful, helpful and caring no matter what they think or say.

It is amazing the way our mothers teach us at home, we get our time and get that feeling about the way they teach us. I hope everyone understands. Jazakillahu khairan