My 2022 Ramadan

My 2022 Ramadan

by Ishaq

LAST year my growling stomach grumbled like a VOLCANO. This year it only grumbled like a boiling kettle. Handling your hunger can be REALLY hard in the beginning but you get used to it as you get older, at least that’s how I feel. A good tip is to do something else to take your mind off the hunger.

I am beginning to like going to the mosque for Taraweeh. I pray either twenty raka’aat or eight raka’aat. I go with my dad, obviously. Sometimes I get to tap my dad’s phone to give charity at the mosque.

I am not crazy about dates but I’m trying to like it because it is the sunnah. I can only eat dates in small amounts. In the beginning of Ramadan my dad would rip a piece of date the size of a coco pop, now it has drastically increased to the size of a cheerio.

On the weekends we go to family Iftars. I get to share food with people I love. Here are some of the foods I ate this Ramadan

  1. Broaster chicken

  2. Lamb cutlets

  3. Mendi Lamb with rice

  4. Hot chips with chicken salt and gravy

  5. Dates

  6. Sushi

  7. Burgers (I made it myself but my mum cooked it, obviously)

  8. Pastels (an Indonesian pastry, it’s a delicacy my grandmother makes)

  9. Hotdogs

  10. Hot tea with every meal (i love it)

  11. Uncle Toby oats

I can’t wait for Laylatul Qadr, Im planning to recite Al Ikhlas non stop so I can get rewarded for reciting the whole Quran- I might get over a trillion rewards.