I love babies

I love babies

by Abdullah

I love being around babies because they look soo beautiful Allahuma barek.

They look very cute and they sometimes play with each other.

I love the way they act and how good they are, the way they laugh too.

Together we will play with babies.

I wish I had all the babies, I like to give all of them some food and I'll tell my mum to cook something for me, so my mum thinks I am going to eat it, but I'm not.

My mum is going to laugh and she is going to say, "There is still some food."

and she is going to ask why and I am going to say, "Because I am going to give the food to the babies and they will eat it because I want to feed them."

Why mum will say, "Why do you want to feed all babies?"

I will say, " because they are hungry."

My mum will say, "why all babies in the world?"

Because I love all babies.

By Abdullah M