Why I like being homeschooled

Why I like being homeschooled

by Taha

Salamu Alaykum, my name is Taha. I like homeschooling because it is much easier than being in school. You don't have to get influenced by older kids. You can go on fun excursions and you can be taught by your own mother, not by a person you don't really know. I've made lots of friends in the 4 years I've been homeschooled.

I myself am learning 4-digit addition. It is fun carrying over the numbers to find the total. I think that maths is my best subject yet. I am also doing a book study on a book called Guardians Of Ga'hoole: The Capture. We watch the movie after we do the book study. We have done 2 book studies already: 1. Charlotte's Web, 2. The Jungle Book.

I like to read more than anything. “It is very hard to get them off their books when it is time to work” from mum. We usually go to the library that is near to us. There are a lot of books there.

I'm learning science, did you know a rabbit's pregnancy lasts for a month only? And an elephant's is almost two years.

We have a routine: at about 5:30 in the morning, we get up and pray Fajr. Then we go back to sleep. We wake up again in the morning at 8:00 and eat breakfast. After that we fix our bed and get dressed. This should be done before 9:00. We then do our Qur'an, we have a fruit and snack break at 10:00. Then we do our Maths, English, pray and have lunch. We do our science after that. If we are good we get to do research. Sometimes we do phonics in the afternoon.

Most important of all, my mother is a really kind woman. Sometimes I misbehave and she gets angry with me, but it is only because I annoy her. She pays for everything I need, teaches me and feeds me. I'm really grateful for that. I love my family and friends. Bye! I hope you enjoyed it!