Life of Fred

Why you like the program?

Because it makes maths interesting for the kids, and it approaches it from a very holistic way. It teaches maths through the story of a five year old maths professor. It's silly and funny and my kids ask to do it everyday.

Does it need preparation or can you just use it straight out of the book?

You can do it straight out of the book.

Does there have to be alot of "teacher" time or can a child do it alone?

If the child can read they can do it alone. If they can't you can read it to them.

Are there hands on activities with it?


Is it sufficient as a stand alone program for that subject?

Some people do use just it and have kids who love math, some people feel there are not enough practise/workbooks type exercises, so it depends on your aims/school type I guess.

Have you substituted with other programs? We use this and New Syllabus Primary Maths (Singapore Maths)

Is it good for multiple children?

Yes, kids just write their answers in a notebook.

Best place of purchase?