ABC Reading Eggs

The first time I trialled this learning to read program with my daughter, she really wasn’t interested. However, I soon found this was more to do with her reading readiness and interest in learning to read rather than the program itself (I have come to learn that children will let you know when they are ready to learn to read, my son was reading competently by 5 years old, whereas by daughter was 7 years old). Having restarted the program once she displayed an interest in reading herself, she has loved playing Reading Eggs and often asks to play it herself.

The ABC Reading Eggs program maintains a focus on phonics and phonemic awareness (letter sounds) as well as introducing sight words, vocabulary, comprehension and reading for meaning. When starting the program children can participate in a placement assessment to gage where best to start to suit your child’s individual stage of development and the program will pace the program based on their emerging skills. The short videos and activities are varied and engaging so my daughter refers to the program as a game rather than as lessons! She also enjoys printing out her achievement certificates, awarded upon completing each reading map (series of 10 lessons).

The only downside I have noticed is that there is some music included in the program and as listening to the sounds is a requirement the music is unavoidable.

For anyone interested in trying the ABC Reading Eggs program, there is a free 14 trial available to gage your child’s interest.

Kind regards,

Michelle Dodge Brakey.