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Hajj recommended websites

Dhul Hijja activity book - Studio Arabiya

DIY Historic Kaaba Craft - Pepper and Pine

Free Hajj Printable Play - Lunar Learners

Free Hajj resources (scroll down for Hajj resources) - Primary Ilm

Hajj Activities - Emma L Halim

Hajj Activities Free Download - Minaret Mountain Books

Hajj Activities for Young Children - Ilma Education

Hajj and Umrah Coloring Pages - Belaraby Apps

Hajj Book reviews - Muslim Mommy Blogs

Hajj Colouring Page - Imans Homeschool

Hajj/DhulHijjah/Eid Ul Adha Bulletin Board - Islamic Bulletin Boards

Hajj inspired stem activities- The Muslimah Guide

Hajj Interactive Lapbook - Iman's Homeschool

Hajj Games, Hajj Lesson Plans, Dhul Hijjah Activities - Mamateachesme

Hajj Reader and Worksheets for Kids - The Multilingual Home

Let's Go for Hajj Activity Pack for Children - Jeddah Mom

Making Hajj Count with 24 Free Printables for Ages 2-11 - MyDeen

Mongol Warrior Princess who went for Hajj - History article

Paper mache Kaabah - Imanbendjedidi

The Blessed Days of Dhul Hijjah - Our Precious Sprout

The Best Days of the Year Freebie - Allamah Education

The Secret of Hajj for Children Storybook - Ghazali Children

-Free audiobook, flipbook, printable activities.

Tips to Explain Hajj to Kids - With a Spin

Understanding Hajj Free Printable - Salam Homeschooling

Ways to teach your Mini Muslims about Hajj - Suhayla

3D Hajj Free Printable - Luner Learners

99 Creative Eid Projects - A Crafty Arab

Eid Al Adha Colouring Pages - The Mum Educates

Eid Al Adha Colouring & Activity Printables - Islamic Comics

Eid Al Adha Games