Everything is done for you for every subject lesson by lesson week by week.

Scope and sequence documents are provided for every subject outlining how their program lines up with Australian curriculum 

Very much hands on!

Included are access to skwirk, literacy planet, mathletics

The creators of the program are very easy to contact for any questions or assistance and reply to inquiries very fast.


Regarding English it falls short in many ways. Firstly there is no set spelling program where a certain spelling rule is learnt and words related to that rule are practiced. A random collection of words are put together and memorised. I found no proper grammar element to the program - for example in the entirety of year 3, there were 2 grammatical concepts covered. For reading, it was mostly done by novel studies but I personally ended up buying separate novel studies from TpT as it was more engaging. As for writing, near zero teaching of the text types that are in the NSW curriculum. So basically I got separate reading, writing, spelling and grammar books and used almost none of the CEA program for the year.

Regarding maths, I found 2 issues: firstly, the contents were very scattered and didn’t flow nicely from one concept to another. Secondly, there was near zero bookwork and almost all hands on activities for maths. For a topic such a maths it did not sit well with me that my child was doing almost no bookwork at all, which is why I supplemented with textbooks while still using some of the hands on activities of the CEA program when I felt it was needed.

Very hands on - it may be practical if you have one child you are doing the program with, but if there are multiple children/levels you can get overwhelmed about the hands on nature of nearly every single lesson!

Would I recommend it?

No. For a program that costs close to $600 for the year per student, this program falls short in the 2 main subjects that students work on daily: English and maths. For the price paid, I would expect to not need any supplementation but that wasn’t the case with maths and English. 

For HASS, PdhPE and Art, their program was great and quite enjoyable. If they sold an annual program for each subject separately I would not hesitate to buy it for these subjects, but definitely not for maths and English.