Singapore maths: New Syllabus Primary Mathematics

(Singapore Maths is the way maths is taught in Singapore, there are numerous books/workbooks based on this method)

Why you like the program?

Because it gives students plenty of time to actually master the material. It is not circular learning like the Australian books, eg Maths Plus or Targeting Maths, but focused on one skill for an extended period of time.

Does it need preparation or can you just use it straight out of the book?

You can just teach it straight from the book. Counting blocks or an abacus are handy manipulatives to help explain concepts but nothing else is needed.

Does there have to be alot of "teacher" time or can a child do it alone?

It needs a teacher to explain and the n to check answers, how much help the student needs depends on their skill and their understanding of the material.

Are there hands on activities with it?

No but it's easy to make it hands on with manipulatives.

Is it sufficient as a stand alone program for that subject?


Have you substituted with other programs ? We also use Life Of Fred because it's interesting but doesn't provide the mastery practice that Singapore maths does.

Is it good for multiple children?

You need a new workbook for each child.

Best place of purchase?