My homeschool Blog

My Homeschool Blog

by Mariam Malik

Salam, everyone howdy? Today I am writing why I like being home schooled. My name is Mariam I am 8 years old & I love being at home studying! I live in a unit with my sister and two brothers Alhamdulillah.

To everyone home-schooling may be a pleasure we all started it!

Thanks to all the aunties who took their children out of school give them home-schooling to do with and also helped improve stuff in it Alhamdulillah

Why do I like working at home? …… we get to learn with our beloved mums!

I have learned a lot at home as well many about: animals, plants, humans and the environment like social studies science, history, geography & sometimes a little help from art!

My mother teaches us from a book called ‘We Are Muslims’. There are many chapters to read, work to do, and best of all getting involved or most probably learning it I suppose!

My brother has work to do too! He also does a little bit of work! We are mostly ok to invite him in. Except when he bugs us, steps in the conversation or cut in [that is mostly when we are eager to learn something]

Anyways! Alhamdiliah we are all happy doing this wonderful school which have apps which include; art adventure, stitching, clay art and many amazing aunties who are now coming up with excellent ides for all of us.

We all look forward to lead ur lives in a much better one inshallah.

Thanks for your cooperation regards: Mariam Malik 8 years old