A day on homeschooling

A day on homeschooling

by Mariam Malik

Asalamoaliacum. How are you? I’m Mariam and today, I’m going to tell you a day on Home-Schooling. Before that, I am going to introduce you to my sisters and brothers.

I have one sister (Aasiyah) she’s older than me, Eleven years old. Then I have two brothers, One is Mohammad (Younger than me, one and half years). Then is Omar, he’s also younger, and he’s around Six.

Now, where was I? Oh yes, I was just starting. So it started like this; Aasiyah said it would be nice to have a Home school where we pretend to be at school but we aren’t really. I wasn’t really keen on the idea but Aasiyah said we could play boarding school and make the kitchen a cafeteria and use our paper money as real bank notes if we wanted something to eat.

It looked exciting to me so I just said yes it was no point arguing, really I could have but anyways it was just fine like how it was.

It was the night before Monday which I think you would call ‘Sunday Night’ when we started our preparations. We also needed a schedule to get things organised a bit. We also wanted a proper uniform, I am not sure but I think it was me who suggested wearing a long dress, after a long fuss about everything; we finally came to an agreement. But now this new thing came that we need a headband or something similar. Now at that time we had dressing up clothes and we had two plastic tiaras in it. One was gold and red gems while the other was silver with purple gems. The silver fit me and gold fitted Aasiyah so again we had something fancy. Now because the silver one was new and had a magic wand which was same colour as the tiara, Aasiyah didn’t mind that’s why I pretended to be a head Prefect for the fake boarding school we were making.

Finally, after all that, we got to face a much deserved warm and cosy bed. It was Ten twenty seven pm. Ten! Whatever, at least I got to sleep and woke up by a beautiful sunshine coming straight in the open window. I shivered and had a quick five minute shower and to get dressed.

Then I pushed my hair in a bun and slipped out of the bedroom.

When I was in the study room, where our tables are kept, Aasiyah was already there. It was six am. She was choosing the pencils and rubbers from the stationery drawers. I pulled my coat tighter and headed towards the kitchen where I had a bowl of cornflakes with sliced bananas and chopped strawberries. Yum, delicious!

Anyways afterwards, we settled ourselves down and on to those cold chairs. It was a bit fun not to have Omar and Mohammad-a bit quiet, though, so we got to do English, and spelling. We started at Seven am. We did some print-outs as well. It was nine by then. We also had another English-spelling book called “Writing Skills” yeah…it is really hard and boring but sometimes its okay. When we have another book called “Write your way to an ‘A’ ” All you have to do is write exaggerate stories which have been given, yes! It is fun, I enjoy it.

Oh, yes I forgot to tell you, we have a new kitten named ‘Pepper’, she’s black except on her tummy, paws and a stripe on the face. She’s cute-really is but you’ll find it impossible to hold her. She’s like an Early bird; Meow’s when she feels someone’s awake and doesn’t stop until she’s inside the house. She sleeps near our drawers where we study-in the study room and where she knows we are there.

Okay now, that’s too much. So, after English comes Maths which includes; Measuring, Geometry, Decimals, Circles, Angles, Quadrilaterals, Symmetry, Perimeter, Area, Length, Width and so many more but I did a quick thing-not very long. It’s all in a book called “Maths Mammoth”. Really, it’s troubling.

Anyways, Omar woke up so he had a peanut-butter and jam sandwich. And if Omar’s awake, he will purposely make noise so that Mohammad wakes up and sure enough here he is.

It’s twelve now. We have a break before the next subject. So we take our paper money and walk towards the kitchen. I think I’ll take a fruit while Aasiyah Prefers juice or maybe not I don’t really know.

Okay, Time for History till one thirty and a small history project till two forty five. We added more time for Project because it takes a longer time to pack up and all that.

We have Salat and food breaks in the middle. That’s when we start packing up for the next day and finish today’s class and also starts a very late lunch?

I bet it’s Three. I think afterwards we will play downstairs with our neighbours and have a screen time. Oh and we have Quran Class which is six to seven, we have all girls except Omar, And I’ve got some paper and stuck their names on with tape! We also give them some words-Arabic words to write in their Notebooks, which I normally do. And if they behave well, sometimes I give them some colouring.

Anyways I hope I told you a day of home-schooling and I hope I can tell more one day again. In Sha Allah. Thank you for your time. Asalamoalikum.

Mariam Malik.

22-3-21 Monday.