Vaccine is a lie

Vaccine is a lie

by Moussa K

Nearly 2 years ago, the world was alarmingly plagued by it.

CORONAVIRUS, or COVID-19 for short, is the virus that changed the world.

It had started a pandemic that crippled humanity, imprisoned big cities, suspended all means of transport, destroyed several industries and ruined the lives of many.

It’s every day’s news. Everyone knows about, what it does, how fast it spreads, the allegedly massive number of deaths it have claimed and now everybody is anticipating the vaccine that “suppose” to save the world and make us immune from it.

But … Do you know what the REAL purpose of the vaccine is? Well… You’re about to find out.

First, let’s recap COVID’s most common symptoms:


-Dry cough


If you think about it, these are the same symptoms of flu or a common cold which every human being catches it during cold seasons.

So why all the fuss about this COVID?

Scientists have proven that there are more severe effects for Coronavirus but they are very RARE and ONLY affect people with very low immune system like old people, people with chronic disease, and people with an unhealthy diet. The same scientists have agreed that if you are a healthy and active person, you should only experience the common symptoms (listed above) temporarily or even NOT experience anything at all.

The crazy thing is, that most people RECOVER from COVID-19 without hospitalization. So why administer a vaccine?

As I stated earlier, Coronavirus only severely affects or maybe kill people with a very low immune system. Even statistics had proven that its recovery rate is greater than its death rate. So why this shocking death toll across the globe?

Today, the whole world is at the brink of mass vaccination. Global governments are pushing towards this policy, in order to free their nations from the threats of this infectious disease. For many, there is no stopping to this deadly contagion except the vaccine. While opposite team believes in a WORLDWIDE CONSPIRACY.

This second group claims that the massive death rates caused by Coronavirus are all randomly generated numbers, their purpose is to generate fear, chaos and despair so when the vaccine rolls out, everyone will blindly take it.

To make things more interesting, a video of a renowned doctor has been circulating through the internet, in which he stated that the COVID vaccine doesn’t prevent the spread of the virus, neither stops its infection, simply it doesn’t prevent you from catching it and doesn’t prevent COVID from infecting you. So what does it do?

Even more, there was a website (but now it’s closed for unknown reasons) on which professional doctors review medicines and vaccines trials. Their medical opinion and expertise were for public display. The reviews on COVID vaccine were DISTURBING. There was an endless list of doctors confirming that the vaccine is making people worse or even killing them.

Personally, I won’t be taking the COVID vaccine, whether it’s Pfizer or any other brand. We all are going to die whenever Allah commands. If there is a conspiracy or not, Evil and his followers plan but verily Allah Aza w Jal is the best planner.

Here are a few web links for videos of where I got part my information from, please view them and I’m sure you will find them interesting and kind of scary (information wise). Also please share them. \/ \/ \/ \/

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Moussa K

Year 8