Why homeschooling?

Why homeschooling?

by Imane

Assalam Alikum Wa Rahmat Allah wa Barakatuh

Why Homeschooling

Becoming your kids home educator helps you escape the modern world dominance. Now your job is to teach your children, your carrier is teaching, you are not only your kids' parent, you are their guardian, teacher, principal and even better, their best friend and soul mate.

With homeschooling, we can grow with our children, learn with them, explore with them, laugh, smile or even fight and disagree. We can watch them strive and progress, enforce their weaknesses, support their dreams and ideas and be their guide when they feel lost.

With homeschooling, we have the privilege to spend every minute with our kids and every hour from every day. We can become a strong team, best school and of course a precious bonded family.

With homeschooling, we can watch them laugh, play, share and having fun. These sweet moments should be engraved in our hearts and souls because one day our children will grow up.

One day, the whiteboard will be no longer needed, the bathroom towel will remain dry, the kitchen table will no longer be messy, the rooms will be empty, all toys will be gone, the house will be silent and still, the once kids arguing and laughing are no longer here with us, they will become adults and each will have his own family and own life.

That's why: Al Hamdo Li Allah for Homeschooling.

It's not a normal peaceful journey, but Insha Allah it's a righteous, blessed path.

Our great religion demands us to take a good care of our family, so when they grow up, they will take care of us.

We plant a seed with love, peace and faith, we raise it with passion, patience and righteousness, Insha Allah it will grow to be the best harvest from the best crop.

On the day of judgement, Allah will ask us about our time, how did we spend it, our youth and our life, what did we do with it. When we will stand alone with no supporter and defender but our deeds. When we think that our scale is low on hassanat, then all of the sudden, with Allah's mercy, our scale becomes overloaded, we will be able to speak and answer these difficult questions.

One blessed word summarises it all.

What was most exhausting and time-consuming in Dounia, what sometimes causes stress and overwhelm, what used to discriminate us from others and make us feel like strangers, will be Insha Allah our door to Jannah.

That's why: Al Hamdo Li Allah for Homeschooling.

May Allah Azza Wa Jal bless our families, grant us patience to endure difficulties, shower us with mercy, peace and faith, protect our children and guide them to righteousness and makes homeschooling our straight path to Jannah.

Wa Assalam Alikum Wa Rahmat Allah w Barakatuh